Trump's Nuclear World Order

by Alexander Quaresma

Joy to the world! President-elect Donald Trump has gone and given the Earth a brand new shiny nuclear arms race. And just in time for Christmas!


What we're seeing in the soon-to-be-president is an individual who is so caught up in himself that I am pretty sure that this orange thing either believes his living in, or wants to go back to, the seventies and eighties. The whole ideological foundation behind the slogan of "Make America Great Again" is steeped in this idea that we need to turn back the clock and go back in time somehow. 

Why wouldn't Trump want it to be 1978 again? In 1978 he didn't need Viagra. In 1978 he didn't need to spray his skin orange. In 1978 he didn't need to do whatever it is he did to his hair. Trump was a young up-and-comer in those days. Now, however, he is as one pundit so succinctly put it "a walking aneurysm waiting to happen." 

Trump has lived a privileged life. A life so privileged that he's never had to deal with the consequences of his actions. That's a life that very very few outside of the boys clubs that those who run in the circles at the upper echelons of Capital Hill get to enjoy. Trump was not a member of those clubs. That's why he was able to skirt through in the 2016 election with a victory. Though he was not a member of any such clubs he's still led an equally, if not more so, privileged life.

Donald Trump is now in the final leg of his life's journey. The ride is coming to an end one way or the other. Being the president of the United States was always something which seemed to be on his bucket list. Due to the horrendous state of both the conservative and liberal wings of the plutocrat party Trump was able to sucker just enough disenfranchised angry people in order to finally cross that line item off of his list.

The problem, however, is that Trump is perhaps the worst case of someone so horrifically bound by his own ego that it has retarded his intellect. At least in so far as someone who is poised to wield as much power as Trump is about to have once he's sworn into office. That he's been surrounded by yes men and women sucking a living off of his teat for the majority of his life certainly hasn't helped in this matter. 

The wild and crazy ride Trump has led will come to its inevitable end, as it must for all of us. No one gets out of here alive. But Trump seems to be oblivious to this. Or perhaps he's not. Perhaps he simply doesn't care about what kind of world he'll leave behind. After all, why should he care? The world is just a stage for his wants and desires, right?

This insane call to reinvigorate a nuclear arms race is the most dangerous of all potential manifestations of an obsolete and politically insulated-from-consequence mindset on one hand. On the other it is a proof that Trump wants to live in a world he remembers when he wasn't at death's door. A simpler world for his simpler mind. A world he seemed to understand better. A world where America got to walk around feeling like it had the biggest cock in the men's room because it shamelessly spent billions, if not trillions, building up a nuclear arsenal that far surpassed any one nation's needs. Trump is not alone in feeling like this, incidentally.


Trump, and the millions who support him, who've all most certainly grown up culturally, if not politically, insulated, are staring in the face a world that they just don't understand. Technological advancements coupled with the slow creep of mass global media has given all of us glances at the real world that exists beyond the remote borders of the continental United States to a degree that had never previously existed. At the same time we are experiencing the onset of the final stage of a globalization process that has been in motion ever since the early fourteenth century. It's a world where this process is picking up steam. It's a world where people don't all speak the same language. It's a world where not everyone worship the same mythologems. It's a world where not everyone experiences the same day-to-day socio-economic reality for whatever the reason; there are many. And it's a world where the lines demarcating the "good" guys and the "bad" guys have been exposed as being not as well defined as they had always previously thought to be in the past (like in the seventies and eighties, for example).

Trump and his supporters don't understand this world. I have a hard time making sense of certain conflicts myself. Don't even ask me about Syria right now. I'm still trying to work out exactly what it is that's happening there and why. It's horrific, whatever it is. The point is these matters take thought. They require introspection. They even require a little intellectual knowledge. These are not things that come easy to Trump or a Trump supporter. It's far easier to see the world in terms of black and white, just as how it was portrayed when Trump was a young buck coming up in the world thanks to his daddy's money.

Trump seems to want that black and white world again. And though nothing is black and white in reality, Señor Presidente-elect Trump and crew will do whatever he can to shape a world back when it was easier for him to understand. And as well all know, Trump isn't exactly the sturdiest piñata hanging from the tree. That Trump is calling for a renewal in a nuclear arms race, and his boasts that we can out simply shows us I only hope we can make it to the mid-terms in one piece.

At least we still have the words of the great Robert De Niro to help remind the world how no less than half of Americans feel about Trump. He pretty much hits the nail on the head.