Border Wall Stupidity

By Alexander Quaresma | @SavageSteamboat

People are fleeing poverty, classicism, oppression, and death in Central America-oh, but yeah, a wall will stop them. They're going to cross thousands of miles of hostile desert land, but they'll see a wall and just give up because they never heard of ladders or shovels. Makes perfect sense!

Border Wall economics.jpg

The same people who think spending five billion dollars on something that is not needed and wouldn't work even if it were are the same people who think Trump is a self-made billionaire, who is very smart, “hires the best people,” "has the best brain," and "knows the best words."

Those who are pining for this border wall are people who have allowed their inherent racism to cloud their judgment. These people are supporting an idea born out of emotion rather than one born out of usefulness and functional practicality. Such ideas should not be tolerated. In fact, in the days of yore, when money actually meant something, such ideas would lead to the downfall of nations. Trump did promise Mexico would pay for the wall, but who pays for it is ultimately irrelevant to his supporters. Having the wall is what matters to them.

They’ve all seen the current trend in demographics. And it scares them. Much to their lament, the United States is no longer the homogenized nation it appeared to be in the early days of mass media. The existence of a wall, something that would be nothing more than an expensive cosmetic change to the layout and look of the land area, would simply make them feel better. It is akin to the same thought process of having a cache of guns in the house for the day the "commie-loving libs in gubber'mint" come to round them up. It's expensive, it's impractical, and it won't stop what's going to happen from happening.

At best, AT BEST, what such a wall would do is slow someone down who wants to continue their trek north. It won't stop them from finding boats, ladders, shovels, or smugglers. And that is another thing, if such an abomination were to ever be erected expect the human smuggling market to increase in that part of the world. There will be a lot more cowboy flyboys with planes that have room for human cargo in their holds. Is finding five billion dollars at the cost of infrastucture, education, and social services worth "slowing" someone down? The answer is an obvious one. However, at the present time, we live in a day and age where logic and reason takes a back seat to emotion and television ratings.

However, I must say this for the president, erecting a wall was a promise he made to his supporters and he is fighting to fulfill his promise. He's been doing that since he got into office. Of course his policies are shortsighted at best and incredibly stupid more often than not, but the point in all of this is he's attempting to fulfill his promises. It is a novel approach by an American politician. It’s also about the only admirable quality future politicians should take any note of from the dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump presidency.

Of course, if Trump were anywhere near as smart as he claims to be what he would do is erect a small symbolic token wall for a thousand bucks. He'd be fulfilling his promise, a modified promise, but it would be a wall he’d built and done so at cost. Such a wall comprised of some 2X4s, sheetrock, spackle, and the cost of labor could potentially save the government $4,999,999,000. Or he could just save the thousand dollars as well and say the wall is being built even when it is not. His cult would believe him. He spends every waking hour of his day lying, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Showing the cult images of the wall that already exists would be the proof he’d need to give them, “Here folks. The wall I built to save the American people.” Generally speaking, it takes very little to satisfy his minions. As long as they believe “the libs are being owned,” they’re generally an otherwise docile group.

None of that is likely to happen though. Though I’m confident there’s at least a fifty-fifty chance this tactic would work, for the Cult of Trump, and to Trump himself, brown, primarily non-English-speaking people are an existential threat to their delusion of reality. Ideally speaking, they don’t even want a wall. What they want is an invisible force field designed to detect the genetic and mental makeup of anyone who is not from where they want them to be from, who thinks differently, or has different cultural customs than their own, be it in the kind of media they prefer, how they speak, or how they dress. This magic force field would then eradicate such individuals from their theocratic ethno-safety zone. Or at least it would provide ICE with their GP coordinates so that they can be rounded up and- well, after that they don’t care.

Of course the technology for such a contraption doesn't exist. So a wall is the next best option. It is a matter of homogenization and security, two processes that the Cult of Trump prizes above all else.

On top of that, the Cult of Trump knows that their opponents where it matters in this issue, on Capital Hill, are the Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer-led Democrats. They also know that for generations such Democrats are notorious for unbuckling their proverbial belts, pulling down their trousers, and bending over to take it, all for the sake of appearing "bipartisan." It is very likely that billions of dollars will go to funding a wall or some other obstacle eventually, something which was part of a plan already in the works regardless of Trump.

It was a bad idea then. It is a bad idea now. It will continue to be a bad idea so long as King Kong and dinosaurs are not roaming south of the Rio Grande.